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Posted By: Homeowner on 9/27/2011
How to get copy of my deed
Need more info, on how to get my home deed


1. Posted By: Winnie On: 9/27/2011
If the deed was recorded, you can go to your local recorder/register of deeds where the property is located to get a copy. They usually charge a few dollars for the copy.

2. Posted By: Travis On: 10/3/2011
Local recorders office would be able to get you a copy of the deed if it was recorded.

3. Posted By: Title Agent On: 10/4/2011
Miami Dade recorder of deeds, I think you can even get a copy online, check their website.

4. Posted By: Virginia Russell On: 9/23/2013
Can I get a copy through the mail?

5. Posted By: joan brown On: 10/10/2013
can I get a copy of my deed through mail or on line

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