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Posted By: Debbie T. on 6/7/2012
Grant Deed for transferring property from deceased parent to child
My sister and I have inherited a home from our deceased mother. The sister plans on living in the home. I am the executor of the estate. Can I handle the Grant Deed transfer myself or do I need to involve an attorney? Not sure if there are more issues than just the Grant Deed. I am married, my sister is not.


1. Posted By: Bill Pruitt On: 6/8/2012
As the executor you can do it yourself, an attorney is not required. However if you are not completely sure of what you are doing you may want to consult an attorney, if for nothing more than peace of mind.
Should be a simple grant deed from the estate to your sister. To tidy up any loose ends I might also do a quitclaim deed from you and your husband to your sister also.

2. Posted By: Cathy On: 7/2/2012
I am the executor of my mother’s estate and my siblings do not want to wait to sell the property because it could take a while in this buyer’s market. They accepted my offer to buy them out of the property and would like things settled as soon as possible. My deceased mother’s name is the only name on the recorded deed. Should I send each of them a quick claim deed and file a grant deed to transfer the property from my mother’s name to my name? Will one deed take care of everything?

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