Recorder Offices in Garland County

Garland County Circuit Clerk Garland County Courthouse
501 Ouachita Ave., Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
8:00am-5:00pm M-F
Phone: (501) 622-3630
Garland County Circuit Clerk Garland County Courthouse  501 Ouachita Ave.,  Hot Springs, Arkansas,  71901

Garland County Recorder of Deeds
Garland County Recorder Information
The recorder in Garland County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
$ 5.00 for every page subsequent to the first

Note: a two-sided instrument counts as 2 pages

Call the circuit clerk's office at 501-622-3630 with questions.
Document Formatting Requirements
Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of recorded document.
• Documents need to be on 8.5x11 inch paper. Printing or typing needs to be legible.

• On the top right corner of the first page, the margin should be 2.5 inches. Side margins on all pages should be ½ inch. At the bottom of the last page of the document, the margin should be 2.5 inches.

• A document submitted for recording must have a title, and must also list the names of the grantor(s) and grantee(s), if applicable.

• Documents must be acknowledged in order to be recorded.

• For instruments affecting title to property, the name and address of the person or government agency who prepared the document must be listed on the first page. The name has to be printed, stamped, or typed legibly. This can be given in the following form: ‘This form prepared by…………………………………………………(name and address).

• Deeds need to be acknowledged by two disinterested witnesses, or shall be acknowledged by the grantor in the presence of two such witnesses.
We may be able to e-record your deed documents in Garland County, Click Here for more information.
Garland County Real Estate Deed Forms

Quit Claim Deed Form
Warranty Deed Form
Special Warranty Deed Form
Grant Deed Form
Easement Deed Form
Beneficiary Deed Form
Beneficiary Deed Revocation Form
Correction Deed Form
Supplemental Documents

Real Property Transfer Affidavit
Arkansas Certification of Trust
No current information available for Garland County
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