Quit Claim Deed – An Unrecorded Quit Claim Deed Can Still Be Valid

An unrecorded quit claim deed is still valid. While there is no time limit on recording a deed or recording required for a quit claim deed to be valid, record all deeds as soon after the transaction as possible. Failure to record a deed could render transfer or mortgaging of the property impossible and create numerous legal difficulties.

The purpose of the recording a quit claim deed is to give notice to the world that there has been a change in ownership. Many jurisdictions require that a real estate deed be recorded in order for the deed to be binding on third parties. In the event of conflicting claims to a property, the first grantee to record his/her deed usually wins the race to the courthouse.

Although recording a deed offers important safeguards to a buyer, it need not be recorded to be binding on the parties to the transaction and to their heirs. On the other hand, a deed must be recorded to be effective against a creditor or a subsequent purchaser for valuable consideration without notice.