Removing a Deceased Joint Tenant from the Title of Real Property in Michigan

To remove a deceased party from a Michigan real estate deed, submit a certified copy of the death certificate along with the new instrument of conveyance stating “survivor of” in the grantor section, or show by liber and page or instrument number reference that the death certificate has been recorded in the Register of Deeds office. 

In this case, the instrument of conveyance is a deed. There is no requirement to update the information with the same type of deed used in the original transaction. Many people choose to use a quit claim deed because there is no need for additional warranties of title—this action only updates the details about the ownership of the real property.

For example: AB and CD are joint owners of Michigan real property. AB dies. CD then executes a new deed and attaches the certified copy of AB’s death certificate. The grantor section identifies AB (deceased) and CD (survivor of AB). The grantee is CD. Once the new deed is recorded, CD will be listed as the sole owner of the property.

Please note that the certified copy of a death certificate contains a raised seal. Other images are not suitable for recordation.

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