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Nevada Mineral Quit Claim Deed

The General Mineral Deed in Nevada Quitclaims oil, gas, and mineral rights from the grantor to the grantee. THIS IS NOT A LEASE. There are no Exceptions or Reservations included.

The transfer includes the oil, gas and other minerals of every kind and nature. The Grantor can stipulate the percentage of Mineral Rights the Grantee will receive.

This general mineral deed gives the grantee the right to access, for the purpose of mining, drilling, exploring, operating and developing said lands for oil, gas, and other minerals, and storing handling, transporting and marketing of such.

The seller, or grantor Quitclaims the mineral rights and does NOT accept responsibility to any discrepancy of title (This assignment is without warranty of title, either express or implied)

This form is often used when mineral rights have previously been severed or fragmented from surface rights and cloud a title, making it difficult to transfer property. The holder of the mineral rights would quitclaim any mineral rights they have or might have in the subject property.

Use of this document can have a permanent effect on your rights to the property, if you are not completely sure of what you are executing seek the advice of a legal professional. Nevada Mineral Quit Claim Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 19, 2021

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Nevada Mineral Quit Claim Deed Form