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Quitclaim Deed Forms

All deed forms offered here:
  • Are available for immediate download
  • Are fill in the blank on your computer
  • Include step by step guide explaining every blank on the form
  • Include completed example of forms for reference
  • Meet state statutory requirements for content
  • Are formatted to meet county requirements for recording
  • Can be saved to your computer and re-used
  • Include supplemental forms that may be required by state or county
  • Save time and money. Get your real estate deed done right the first time.
Each state has its own statutory requirements for quit claim deed forms. These requirements determine the content or text that is in the deed.

Quitclaim deed forms must meet statutory conditions for content and format. In addition, many local recording authorities add requirements for margins, paper size, property identification, and many other details. If a deed form is not in accordance with both the local and state standards, there may be additional fees charged for recording or the form may be rejected altogether.

This type of deed form is most commonly used in transfers of real property between known parties. For example, transfers between husband and wife typically involve completing a quit claim deed form. Life events such as marriage and divorce can bring with them a need for one party to use this form to transfer their rights to the property to the other party. This form generally offers no guarantees or warranties so it is important for the grantee (the party receiving the interest in the property) to know the condition of the title before accepting the quit claim document. Once the document is accepted by the grantee it is considered to be executed and the transfer is completed.
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All of our quit claim deed forms are available immediately after purchase. They are in Adobe PDF files and can be downloaded to your computer. They are fill-in-the blank on your computer so you can print them out completed.

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