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Posted By: Derek Gallegos on 5/16/2012
Is there a time limit for how long a deed is good before it is recorded
Do I have to record my deed within any specific amount of time in order for it to be valid?

1. Posted By: Anonymous On: 5/16/2012
According to the Indiana Code 32-21-3-3, a conveyance of any real estate in fee simple or for life is not valid and effectual against any person other than the grantor, the grantor's heirs and devises, and persons having notice of the conveyance unless it is recorded. There is not technically a time limit, but it is best to record it sooner rather than later to provide notice to third parties.

2. Posted By: Tom Walsh On: 5/18/2012
I have experience in Arizona and California. In those states 'delivery' of the deed is what transfers title. Recording is what makes it known to the world. You take a chance by not recording the deed because the transferor may do something to affect the title (judgement, sale, place lien, default taxes, etc) which could wind up having precedence over your non-recorded deed.