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Posted By: Cindy on 3/27/2013
Adding a second person to the title as joint tenants with the right of survivorship
I would like to know what form(s) to use and how to record the change. Thank you

1. Posted By: Anthony G. On: 3/28/2013
Changing the title of real estate from one person to multiple owners is pretty straight forward, most of the time a quitclaim is used. The issue we have here in Florida is the transfer tax which is due on almost all transactions, even when the effect is just adding someone to title.

2. Posted By: Carol Evans On: 7/30/2013
I am a widow and I would like to add my 2 children to my deed so there is no problem when I die.

3. Posted By: Marc On: 12/11/2015
Can this be done from long distance? I have POA over my mother's affairs & want to add my name to the deed.

4. Posted By: Lucy On: 12/11/2015
Yes, you can complete a deed where you are and arrange for it to be delivered for recording once you have executed it.

5. Posted By: Pamela molnoski On: 12/19/2016
My husband and I got married 9/2016. He purchased his home in 2009, to avoid hassle in the event he passes he would like to add me to the deed of the home we live in together.where do we do and get this done?

6. Posted By: Alan L. Kleier On: 1/27/2017
My mom passed away in 2015. My name was on the deed at that time, but my wife's name wasn't. I'd like to have her name added to the deed. The condo I'm referring to is located at 125 Lake Nancy Dr #143, West Palm Beach, Fl 33411. My wife and I reside at 2710 Summers Ridge Dr, Odenton,Maryland 21113. Can you please direct us as how to proceed. Thank you