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Posted By: Daniel Adair on 5/18/2016
Grant deed or quit claim
I want to add my son and daughter in-law to the title of our home. So there will be 3 of us on title. Not sure which form I need?
Any help appreciated.

1. Posted By: Ingrid Cantu On: 5/18/2016
A quit claim can be used but most commonly here in California we use the grant deed. It should be noted however, always think twice about adding children to one's real estate. There are other options I would consider looking into, the new transfer on death option for one.

2. Posted By: Laura Biewer On: 5/18/2016
I agree with Ingrid. As a notary I see a grant deed used primarily and they can be prepared by a title company or paralegal service, or Real Estate Attorney office. There are other options such as trust, and transfer upon death as part of vesting, however, since I am not an attorney, I cannot suggest which option is best for you.

3. Posted By: Leann On: 5/18/2016
This is unsolicited advice but... There is nothing good that can come from adding a son and daughter in-law to the title of your home, there is only downside here. Please get some professional advice/guidance before doing this.

4. Posted By: DanAadair On: 5/18/2016
Thank you all for advice. I will look into it.

5. Posted By: Barbara Shepard On: 1/6/2017
Transfer from Trust (on title) to children - which form?

6. Posted By: G. Eric Lambdin, Esq On: 1/18/2017
re: unsolicited...there are good reasons one might want to hold title with children. If you know that you will leave your real property to your children, then holding title as joint tenants, particularly if its your only asset, will avoid any issues involving lapsed trusts, probate, and or competing heirs. Once one of the title holders dies, the other joint tenant need only record the certificate of death and the title vests now in the remaining joint tenant(s). There are some bad reasons as well, so be careful to clearly identify your intent before taking action - once on the title they're not likely to come off easily.