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Posted By: susan dapp on 12/1/2016
transfering property into a trust in york co..
My parents have a revocable trust/ attorney drawn. They transferred title from themselves to trust name. They have passed, I am being told the transfer should not have been put in trusts name as grantee, but as trustee, and I have to now go through probate. This does not seem right, it was recorded, drawn up a attorney,

1. Posted By: Kerri Wolf On: 12/1/2016
Not sure of the specifics of your situation but generally in a deed transferring real estate to a trust the grantee is listed as: Jane Doe, trustee for The Jane Doe Trust.

2. Posted By: Milagros Cote On: 1/4/2017
With deeds, you have to get everything right. Improperly deeding a property into a trust is going to be a problem, and it sounds like you have that issue here. I think a phone call to the attorney that prepared the trust and document deeding the property into it is in order.