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Posted By: Melanie on 12/20/2016
Recording modifications
I am getting conflicting information from area register of deeds on recording modifications of deeds of trust. If the wording inside my modification mentions the original DOT recorded and a prior modification that was recorded, but the purpose of this (NEW) modification is to amend said DOT, is this charge $12 or $17. I have had 2 documents recorded within the same county, with similar information and one was recorded for $12 and the other was $17. Shouldn't the charges be mirrored with each county? Another county in the area recorded the same modification for $12. Please advise on who regulates the charges for recording documents.

1. Posted By: Leta Wooten On: 12/20/2016
You should have received information at recording which broke down the recording fees. Fees vary, many factors go into determining the fees. First thing that comes to mind is the number of pages, where all of your DOTs the same number of pages? Could also be a non-conforming issue. Best thing is to ask the recorder.

2. Posted By: Melanie On: 12/27/2016
Thanks for your thoughts. My documents were 2 pages and only mentioned the original DOT and modification. One document was recorded for $12 and the other was sent back for incorrect money (short $5). The next county over to the east records the same document for $12.00, the next county over to the west records the same document for $17. Counties within the same state should be regulated to charge the same amount. It makes it hard quoting fees or charging when you are working in different counties. Wish I knew who regulated the fees and why they are charging different.

3. Posted By: Leta Wooten On: 12/27/2016
Why should all counties within the state be regulated by the state regarding their recording fees? Recording is not a state level agency.

4. Posted By: Anonymous On: 12/29/2016
I just think it would make it easier in knowing what to charge our customers. Would cause less confusion because its hard to remember what county does what for whatever document.