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Posted By: Katie on 12/21/2016
quitclaim deed
father wants to change the quitclaim deed from son to daughter and knows son will not be a participate as he has abandoned the father. Can the father and daughter file the quitclaim deed without the other party?

1. Posted By: Clarissa Herring On: 12/21/2016
This sounds like a classic case of be careful who you add to the title of your property. If the son is on the title, has an ownership interest in the property, the son can not be removed outside of a court action (and in most cases a court is not going to do it either).

2. Posted By: Owens On: 12/21/2016
The short answer based on what you have posted here is: No. One can not just take away someone else's ownership of real estate. If the father gave his son some real estate (even a piece of it), that's it, done deal no take backs.