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Posted By: Miller on 12/21/2016
Selling your property to yourself.
I recently ended a relationship with a so called divorced girl finding out she was possibly "legally separated for 10 years and not divorced"..While looking up her "free and clear" property I found it was in both her (ex) husbands and her name with her listed as "wife".On top of this the deed listed the house as being sold for a figure half it's value from "him and her to him and her" listing the price. She had been under (undisclosed to me) bankruptcy 13 law 3 to 5 years before the sale date. Why would a couple , divorced or separated, resell a free and clear house to themselves; remaining on the deed as husband and wife?

1. Posted By: Margarita Rogers On: 12/22/2016
Could be any number of reasons really, change in vesting for example. Could be fraudulent also, no way to know really. At the end of the day, sounds like a relationship ended for the best.