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Posted By: Angela on 12/29/2016
Adding person to deed without refinancing
I want to add a person to the deed on my house, but not refinance it, is the quick claim deed the proper form to fill out?
*I had asked this question in an email to the county directly, they stated they couldn't give this advice and to try here, so hoping I am in the right place.
Thank you! :)

1. Posted By: Lori Tobin On: 12/29/2016
There are ways to add a person to title without refinancing. However, there are ramifications for doing this as you are providing ownership of the property to another individual. There are different ways to address this, i.e, joint tenants with right of survivorship, joint tenanancy, etc. Each creates a different ownership and can create issues later. Excise tax is imputed regardless and must be paid at time of transfer.

2. Posted By: Angela On: 1/2/2017
If I want to use the 'joint tenants with right of survivorship' form, which option is that in? Not sure if it would be in 'special deed' or 'warranty deed' form, or if in another that I haven't realized.