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Posted By: Doug on 12/29/2016
Creating a new parcel
I'm creating separate 2 acre parcel from our 15 parcel. I have the certified surveys. What forms do I need to complete to register the deed?

1. Posted By: April Kemp On: 12/29/2016
Are you selling or giving the 2 acre parcel to someone else? Assuming the parcel is allowable (some ares have minimum size and other requirements) the transfer is pretty straight forward. A new deed is created using the new legal description from your surveys. Just about any type of deed can be used, a warranty deed is probably the most common.

2. Posted By: Doug On: 12/29/2016
We are only allowed to have one dwelling on the property. Mom lives in the original house. We are going to build for us. I'm told in Cabarrus county that attaching the survey replaces the legal description.

3. Posted By: April Kemp On: 12/30/2016
The legal changes all around, the 15 acre parcel is now a 13 acre parcel with a new legal and the new 2 acre parcel is of course new, with a new legal.