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Posted By: Barbara Shepard on 1/6/2017
Title Change - Trust
My Mothers property is titled to herself, trustee, the XXX Trust. She just had a new trust prepared. How do I change the ownership on her title from her old trust to her new trust? What forms to use?

1. Posted By: Carissa On: 1/6/2017
Usually a grant deed or quitclaim deed is used.

2. Posted By: Carmela Bush On: 1/6/2017
We have done a few transfers to and from trusts and we always use a quit claim deed.

3. Posted By: Tamara Stoebe On: 1/6/2017
The first question is - Is the first Trust still valid? If so, you can do a Deed from herself, trustee, the XXX Trust TO herself, trustee, the NEW Trust.....IF the old trust is no longer valid, you'll need to do a different type of Deed ... this should be done by GRANT DEED in California as there is not ambiguity when using a Grant vs Quitclaim deed. If you need more help - please feel free to call me (661) 466-6849