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Arkansas Deed History

Arkansas was admitted to the Union as the 25th state in 1836. During the Civil War, it joined the Confederate States of America. Arkansas reentered the Union in 1868 after the state constitution was redrawn. There are 75 total counties in Arkansas.

The oldest county in Arkansas is Arkansas County, which was founded in 1813. The most populous county, Pulaski County, formed in December of 1818, and is Arkansas’s fifth county (though some historical accounts claim it was the third county). The first county clerk in Pulaski County was Robert C. Oden. Territorial land transactions began in 1803 for the Arkansas District, when it was still part of the Louisiana Territory, and again in 1819 when the District became the Arkansas Territory.

Arkansas is, like twenty-nine other states, a public domain land state, which means that all the land originally belonged to the federal government. The federal government began to transfer land to individuals when the land surveys started after the Indian titles were transferred and the Spanish land claims were examined.