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Indiana Deed History

On December 11, 1816, Indiana was admitted to the Union as the 19th state. When it was first under U.S. ownership, Indiana was part of the Northwest Territory, and then in 1800 when Ohio was separated from the Northwest Territory, Indiana was designated as Indiana Territory. The Territory of Indiana existed from 1800 until 1816, when the southern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Indiana.

Indiana is divided into 92 counties. The oldest county in the state is Knox County, which formed in 1790. Founded in 1732, the city of Vincennes, which is the county seat of Knox County, is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the state. The most populous county is Marion County, which was created in 1822. The county courthouse in Knox caught fire in 1813 and as a result, many historical county records were destroyed. When Indiana was still part of the Northwest Territory, the appointed clerk of the county court in Knox County was Samuel Baird. When Indiana became the Indiana Territory in 1800, the recorder of deeds for Knox County was Robert Bunton.