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Kentucky Deed History

One of four states constituted as a commonwealth, Kentucky was admitted to the Union in 1792 as the 15th state. Kentucky was originally part of Virginia, and then after the American Revolution, the Commonwealth of Virginia created Kentucky County. Residents of Kentucky County eventually petitioned for separation from Virginia to become the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky is comprised of 120 counties. The three original counties—Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln—were formed in 1780. These three counties separated from Virginia in 1792 to create the state of Kentucky. Jefferson County is the most populous county in Kentucky.

When Fayette County was formed in 1780 as part of Kentucky County, Virginia, Levi Todd (who was the grandfather of Mary Todd Lincoln) was named clerk for the county. After Kentucky became a state in 1792, Levi Todd was again named clerk of Fayette County. Prior to his appointment in Fayette, Todd was also the Kentucky County clerk in 1777. In 1803, the county clerk’s office in Fayette was destroyed by fire and many of the records were lost. Many residents brought their deeds and other documents back in to have them re-recorded. Levi Todd was also one of the first recorded land holders in the county.