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New Mexico Deed History

New Mexico has been part of the Imperial Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain, part of Mexico, and a U.S. Territory. The New Mexico Territory was an organized territory of the United States that existed from September 1850 until January 1912; however, the U. S. provisional government of the New Mexico Territory was established in 1846. New Mexico became a state when Congress admitted it into the Union in January 1912 as the 47th state.

New Mexico has 33 total counties, nine of which formed in 1852 shortly after the state became a U. S. territory. The most populous county is Bernalillo, which is also one of the original nine counties. However, Bernalillo was actually established as a partido (district) during Mexican rule of New Mexico. The first subdivision of the New Mexico Territory was in 1837 when two districts were created, and then in 1844 the territory was re-divided into three districts.

Before 1821, the land that would later become New Mexico and Arizona was controlled by New Spain. Records of some of the early settlers may have been sent to archives in Spain or Mexico City. The official records of Bernalillo County after its formation in 1852 are missing for the first ten years. The probate clerk in Bernalillo County, the official responsible for recording deeds at the time, in 1863-65 was Jose Aguayo.