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Ohio Deed History

Before it was a state, Ohio was part of the Northwest Territory, which was formed in 1787. On February 18, 1803, President Jefferson approved Ohio’s boundaries and constitution, but Congress did not pass a formal resolution admitting Ohio as the 17th state. The act of Congress declaring an official date of statehood did not begin until 1812 when Louisiana was admitted as the 18th state.

The state of Ohio consists of 88 counties. Nine of those counties existed in 1802 at the time of the Ohio Constitutional Convention. Marietta, Ohio, located in Washington County, was established in 1788 as the first permanent settlement of the new United States in the Northwest Territory. Marietta was settled by a land company called the Ohio Company of Associates.

The land in Ohio was the first public domain land ever made available for private purchase. Ohio land was transferred to private ownership by land grants at the state and federal levels. When Ohio was part of the Northwest Territory, recorders were appointed by the governor. From 1788 to 1790, Enoch Parsons was the recorder for Washington County.