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Texas Deed History

The state of Texas has been ruled by different nations throughout history. The first European country to claim the territory was Spain, then France had a colony in the region, and then Mexico controlled the state until 1836 when Texas fought for and won its independence, becoming the independent republic of Texas. Texas joined the Union in 1845 as the 28th state after the state was annexed by the United States of America.

There are 254 counties in Texas, which is the most of any U. S. state. When the Republic of Texas gained independence from Mexico in 1836, there were 23 municipalities, which became the original 23 counties for the state. Bexar County was one of the first municipalities in the Spanish province of Texas in 1731. The original county was divided into an additional 128 counties when Texas became a state.

After Texas became a state, the general land office in the state continued to administer land grants. The first county clerk in Bexar was not elected until 1837, when John Smith was appointed to the position.