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Wisconsin Deed History

Wisconsin first became U. S. territory in 1783, after America gained independence from Great Britain, but the British remained in control of the local fur trade until after the war of 1812. The Wisconsin Territory was organized in 1836, after white miners began settling in the region. Statehood was granted to Wisconsin in 1848. It was the 30th state to join the Union.

Wisconsin is comprised of 72 counties. When Wisconsin became U. S. territory in 1783, it was part of the Northwest Territory. In 1818, Wisconsin became part of the Territory of Michigan, and then the state of Wisconsin was created from Wisconsin Territory after Michigan became a state. When the state was part of Michigan Territory, it was divided into two counties: Crawford and Brown counties, which were created in 1818. When the state was created, there were 28 counties. The most populous county is Milwaukee County. In 1818, Robert Irwin, Jr. was appointed county clerk in Brown County. However, the first organized court in Brown County kept little to no records.