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Wyoming Deed History

The Wyoming Territory was established on July 25, 1868 and lasted until July 10, 1890 when Wyoming was admitted to the Union. It was the 44th state to join the Union. Due to the state’s location at the intersection of the Louisiana Purchase, Oregon Country, and the Mexican Cession, the land that eventually became Wyoming has a complicated history of territorial relationships.

There are 23 counties in Wyoming. Five counties were formed during the Wyoming Territory years. Laramie and Carter were established in 1867, Carbon and Albany in 1868, and Uinta in 1869. Carter County was re-named Sweetwater County shortly after its creation. Laramie County is the most populous county.

When Laramie County was created, it was part of the Dakota Territory. In the first county elections in Laramie on October 8, 1867, J. H. Creighton was elected register of deeds. When the first legislature of Wyoming Territory convened in 1869, it was decided that, until the first general election was held, John T. Caffin would be register of deeds.