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Obtaining a Copy of Your Recorded Real Estate Deed

There are a few companies out there offering to obtain a copy, or even a certified copy, of property owner’s real estate deed. Property owners can do this for themselves and usually save money. On average the government entity that records real estate deeds charges only $2 to $5 for a copy of a recorded document. Companies that offer to obtain the deed for property owners tend to charge $50 and up.

Although what these companies do is technically legal, paying them ten times the amount the County’s Office charges is highly questionable according to some county clerks.

So if you want a copy of your deed, you can contact the property registry in the county where the property is located to find out how to get it directly. It's generally at a county office or courthouse. Some let you apply online, while others let you do it by mail. does NOT obtain copies of recorded deeds.
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