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Florida Quitclaim Deed

Quit claim deeds are valid forms of conveyance in the state of Florida, but are not specifically defined by statute. F. S. § 689.02 prescribes the requirements of warranty deeds, and with appropriate modifications, the basic form is effective for quit claim deeds as well. Quit claim deeds only convey the grantor’s interest in the property, if any; there are no warranties of title. Therefore, all references to warranty are omitted and the words "granted, bargained, and sold" are replaced by "quit-claimed." Despite the lack of explicit or implied warranties, there is still an expectation of good faith that the grantor is unaware of any other owners or title conflicts regarding the specific piece of real property. In general, a correctly executed and recorded quit claim deed offers no protection for the grantee against a future claim.

The quitclaim is a very common deed in Florida. It is most often used for transfers between well know parties.

Some examples of common real property transfers that can use a quitclaim deed are:

  • transfers between family members

  • spousal transfers

  • to and from business entities

  • to and from trusts

  • removing a cloud on title

Name changes, while not technically a transfer of title, almost always use the quitclaim in Florida. Changing a name on a deed usually happens during marriage and divorce. When a spouse owns prior to a marriage or receives full ownership of real estate after a divorce they will likely want to use a quit claim to update the name on the title of the property.

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