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Hawaii Quitclaim Deed

The Hawaiian statutes do not specifically define quit claim deeds, nor do they provide a statutory form for deeds to modify as needed. Quit claim deeds are, however, still useful and valid forms of transferring ownership of land in the state. Hawaii Revised Statutes §501-101(2011) governs the rules for voluntary conveyances of registered (Land Court) real property; these rules are equally appropriate for "Regular System" property. See HRS §13-16-4, 6-8.

When using a quit claim deed, there are no covenants of warranty. The grantor only transfers any interest in the property to the grantee. Even though there are no guarantees of title, there is an implied assumption of good faith on the grantor’s part when executing this type of transfer. This means that, in general, the grantee (buyer) has no protection in the event that a dispute about ownership arises in the future.

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