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Maryland Quitclaim Deed

In Maryland, a quit claim deed may be used to transfer interest in real property. There are no implied covenants or warranties by the grantor as to title or possession in any grant of land, interest, or estate in land (Annotated Code of Maryland 2-115).The statutory form for a deed granting a fee-simple interest in property is in the Real Property Title of the Annotated Maryland Code, Title 4-202. This form uses the word "grant" in the words of conveyance, which passes the whole interest and estate of the grantor in the land mentioned in the deed, unless a reservation or implication of a different intent is included (Annotated Code of Maryland 2-101). The statutory form can be tailored to meet the needs of a quitclaim deed by replacing "grant" with "quitclaim." In Maryland, a quitclaim deed does not have any implied warranties. A sale or transfer of a residence in default may not be executed by using a quitclaim deed, except when a primary mortgage lender takes a deed in lieu of foreclosure (Annotated Code of Maryland 7-310).

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