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Missouri Quitclaim Deed

A conveyance of land or an estate or interest therein may be made by a deed, executed and acknowledged by a grantor who has the authority to convey the property (MRS 442.020). Statutory forms for deeds of any type are not provided in the Missouri Revised Statutes as accessed via the Missouri state government website. A person claiming title to real estate, regardless of if they are in adverse possession, can sell and convey their interest in it, in the same manner and effect as if he/she were in actual possession of the real property being conveyed (MRS 442.070). The words “grant, bargain, and sell” in a conveyance express covenants on the part of the grantor that at the time of execution, the grantor was in possession the real estate and that the estate was free from encumbrances done or suffered by the grantor (MRS 442.420). As the words of conveyance in a quit claim deed do not generally include “grant, bargain, and sell,” the assumption can be made that quit claim deeds in Missouri do not offer such covenants of warranties or obligations; however, a quit claim deed is effective to transfer whatever title the grantor has.

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