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Nevada Quitclaim Deed

A conveyance of real property or interest in real property situated in Nevada will pass all the estate of the grantor, unless a lesser estate is implied or written in express terms (NRS 111.070). A quit claim deed can be used to facilitate a conveyance of interest in real property in this state. If the grantor to a quit claim deed conveys real property in fee simple absolute but does not have the legal estate at the time of the conveyance, it will pass immediately to the grantee if the grantor acquires the legal estate after execution of the conveyance. It will be valid as if such legal estate had been in the grantor’s possession at the time of the conveyance (NRS 111.160). According to the Nevada Revised Statutes, the words "grant, bargain, and sell" express specific covenants; however, a quit claim deed generally does not contain such covenants on the part of the grantor (NRS 111.170).

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