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Oregon Quitclaim Deed

In Oregon, a conveyance of interest in land can be made by a quit claim deed, signed by the person passing the estate (the grantor), acknowledged or proved, and recorded (ORS 93.010). A quit claim deed in this state is sufficient to pass all the grantor’s estate which he is lawfully able to convey by a deed of bargain and sale (ORS 93.110). A quit claim deed will convey whatever title or interest (legal or equitable) the grantor may have in the Oregon property described in the instrument at the time of execution. It will not transfer any title or interest that they grantor may obtain after the conveyance, nor shall it operate as an estoppel. The doctrine of estoppel by deed states that the warranties contained in a deed prevent the grantor from having a claim against the property, which in turn would vest the grantee in any future title acquired by the grantor. A quit claim deed in Oregon will not operate as an estoppel because it does not contain any warranty of title.

When a grantee takes title by way of quit claim deed in Oregon, merely by receipt of title by or through such a deed, they will not be denied the status of a good faith purchaser for value (ORS 93.865). Additionally, a grant or conveyance of lands in Oregon is not void for the reason that at the time of its execution, the lands were in actual possession of a person claiming adversely (93.130).

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