Hawaii Land Court/Torrens Document Processing Update

The Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances (BOC) has announced significant changes to the processing of Land Court/Torrens documents, effective from November 27, 2023. This update comes in light of unexpected staffing challenges that have affected the bureau’s operational capabilities.

Extended Turn-Around Time for eRecording

The BOC has advised that due to these staffing issues, the processing time for Land Court/Torrens documents submitted electronically (eRecording) has been extended significantly. The new estimated turn-around time is now between 25 to 35 business days. Given this delay, the BOC recommends that only non-urgent documents should be submitted electronically at this time, as they are likely to be recorded in 2024.

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Recording Real Estate Document in Hawaii: What the FAQ?

Documents affecting real property in Hawaii can be recorded in either the Land Court, also referred to as the Torrens system, or in the Regular System (also referred to as the Abstract system). A document recorded in both is referred to as “dual system recording.” Both are managed by Hawaii’s single statewide recorder, the Bureau of Conveyances, situated in Honolulu (there are no county offices of the recorder).

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