Get a Copy of Your Real Estate Deed

With the exception of a birth certificate, a real estate deed may be the most important document in your possession because it is the only thing that can prove that you own your home. Locating the original deed is also important before purchasing land from someone else. Whether you are curious about the history of a property, proving ownership of your own real estate, or just seeing how many times a title has changed hands, a number of research options are at your disposal.

Methods of Obtaining a Copy of Your Deed Title Research Service

  • You can use our deed retrieval service to get a digital copy of your real estate deed today. We can pull the most recent transfer document (deed) for most properties within minutes.
  • Click here to order a digital copy of your deed
  • In addition to deed retrieval, you can also order copies of financial documents and more comprehensive title reports.

The recorder or register of deeds

  • Almost all real estate deeds are recorded with the local government entity charged with storing public documents where the property is located. This method usually requires a trip to the recorder's office and a nominal fee, usually just a few dollars.
  • Some recorders have property records available online. Check with your recorder to find out if this is an option.
  • Information on how to contact your local recorder can be found by clicking here

A local title company or abstractor

  • You can hire a title company or abstractor to go to the recorder's office for you. Prices and turn around times vary for this service.
  • If you used a title company when you purchased the property they may be able to get you a copy for free. Contact them for more information.

This information is for getting a copy of a previously executed deed. If you are looking for a blank real estate deed form to create a deed click here to visit our real estate deed forms page.

Get a Copy of Your Real Estate Deed