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Skip the drive. Skip the line. E-Record your documents today.

How e-Recording Works

1- Set up a free account.

2- Start new package for state and recording area where property is located.

3- Upload the executed (signed, notarized) documents you want recorded.

4- We will prepare the uploaded files for submission to the local recording office and create an invoice for your recording.

5- Pay the invoice. As soon as your invoice is paid we will submit the document(s) for recording.

6- When the document(s) is recorded OR rejected we will notify you. If recorded, a stamped digital copy of the document(s) will be available for you to download from the package. If rejected you will be notified of the rejection reason and required corrections.

Important: ALL communications will be in the message center of the package. Make sure to check in the package for messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost? Currently, e-Recording cost is $19 per recording plus recording fee and taxes (if any).

How do I pay the invoice? Credit card, online in the invoice located in the package.

How long does it take? Most areas are recording documents same day as received during normal business hours. Some areas have a significant delay. You should contact your local recorder to find out their average recording time.

Are there any recurring fees? No. We do not have any monthly or otherwise recurring fees, no memberships or subscriptions.

Do I have to use Forms? No. However, if you submit a document that is clearly going to be rejected because of formatting or content we will cancel the package.

What is E-Recording?

E-Recording, or electronic document recording, is the process of transmitting real property documents electronically to the local government entity charged with recording and maintaining public records. The process is similar to traditional recording methods except that documents are submitted within minutes without ever leaving your house or office, and recorded documents are returned electronically immediately after recording.

Electronic recording does more than simply eliminate paper. It automates document examination, fee collection, image retention and data processing.

Electronic recording results in greater efficiency and better use of existing resources. Productivity increases by minimizing time requirements, reducing costs and increasing document acceptance and accuracy.

Title companies, financial institutions, law firms and other businesses involved in real estate transactions recognize great benefits from electronic recording.

Counties reduce the manual processing effort associated with paper processing from days and weeks to just minutes.

Set up an E-Recording account and start recording documents today.

Reminder: You are on, we are NOT affiliated with any government agency, we are NOT the recorder's office

Skip the recording line, E-Recorder Here Real Estate Deeds

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