Oregon HB 2029 and Its Impact on Real Estate Deeds

In a significant move to improve the legibility and accessibility of recorded documents, Oregon has passed House Bill 2029, which comes into effect on January 1, 2024. This bill amends Oregon Revised Statute 205.232, specifically raising the minimum font size for recorded documents from 8-point to 10-point type.

Legislative Journey of HB 2029

The bill, unanimously passed in both the Oregon House and Senate, marks a unanimous consensus on the importance of clarity in legal documentation. The House saw a vote of 59-0 in favor, while the Senate passed it with 27 votes, with no opposition and 3 members excused. Following this overwhelming support, the Governor signed the bill into law.

Implications for Real Estate Deeds

The new font size requirement is particularly pertinent to real estate deeds. These documents, central to property transactions, must now adhere to the 10-point font size to be recorded. Non-compliance with this requirement will attract a non-standard fee of $20 as per ORS 205.327. This change necessitates attention to detail in the preparation of deeds to avoid additional costs and potential delays in processing.

Recording Process

When a document, such as a real estate deed, is submitted for recording, it undergoes a compliance check with Oregon statutes. If a document fails to meet the requirements, it is returned with a note on the necessary corrections. This process underscores the importance of adhering to the new font size requirement.

County-Level Implementation

Taking Clackamas County as an example, the County Clerk’s Office is responsible for recording documents that affect title or interest to real property. The change in font size requirement is a statewide mandate and will uniformly affect the recording process across all Oregon counties.

The response of Clackamas County, one of the most populated counties in Oregon, to the new law HB 2029, which amends the Oregon Revised Statute 205.232, could not be specifically found. The Clackamas County Clerk’s website primarily outlines the responsibilities and services of the Clerk’s Office, including elections, recording, and records management, but does not provide a direct statement or reaction to the implementation of HB 2029. The website provides general information about the services offered by the Clerk’s office, such as document recording, elections and voting, and public records management. For more detailed information, you can visit the Clackamas County Clerk’s website.


The enactment of HB 2029 demonstrates Oregon’s commitment to ensuring clarity and accessibility in legal documentation. For parties involved in real estate transactions, this change necessitates a meticulous approach to document preparation. Adherence to the new font size standard is not just a matter of compliance but also contributes to the readability and overall quality of legal records. For more information, visit the official Oregon Legislature website or consult bill tracking platforms such as LegiScan or FastDemocracy. County-specific information can be accessed through county websites.