Montana Property Tax Going Up? Not So Fast.

Image of the welcome to Montana sign. Captioned: Montana Property Taxes

Property prices are surging most everywhere. And when property values rise, taxes — charged based on a percentage of property values — rise right along with them. So, confronting property tax hikes has become a rallying cry in many states.

Montana is no exception. And now, a former Montana legislator has submitted a proposed ballot initiative to halt major tax increases for people who aren’t buying or selling, but just keeping their real estate.

Let’s take a look at how it’s going so far.

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Devolution of Real Property After Death in Montana

When a Montanan dies, probate is required for any property he or she held individually or as a tenant in common; property held in a survivorship interest devolves to survivors by process of law; property held in trust or with a beneficiary designation likewise avoids probate. However, documentation (such as an affidavit of surviving spouse) must still be recorded to effectively pass title.

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