Transferring Real Property from a Living Trust in Alabama

In a trust arrangement, a settlor transfers property to another person (the trustee) for the benefit of a third (the beneficiary).

Because the trust is not a person, title to any real property transferred to the trust should be vested in the name of a trustee on the trust’s behalf. In most living trusts, the settlor serves as trustee.

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Transferring Real Estate from a Living Trust in New Hampshire

A trust is a property interest wherein a settlor conveys assets to a trustee, who holds the title to those assets for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary). Valid trust instruments also identify the relevant assets, state the settlor’s intentions for them, and are created for lawful purposes. Settlors (owners) transfer real property into a trust by executing and recording a deed.

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Understanding Trustee’s Deeds

Trustee’s deeds convey real estate out of a trust. Depending on the circumstances, they may or may not include warranty to the title. They are also used in some foreclosure situations (generally without warranty). In addition to meeting the state and local content requirements for traditional deeds (grant deeds, quit claim deeds, etc.), they should include a reference to the related trust and trust agreement.

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