Buyer’s Market in Dallas? It’s All Relative.

Lately, the homes for sale in Dallas stay on the market a little longer. Little by little, sellers are lowering their price expectations, and Dallas home buyers are getting deals.

Homes in Dallas stayed on the market, on average, for 37 days in April 2024. That’s up 8% compared to last year. Some (about 12%) have lingered on the market longer than three months.   

Not only in Dallas but also in Austin and Houston, today’s sellers have to negotiate and really work with buyers. That said, homes that aren’t moving in these cities tend to be the pricey ones. Those priced under $300K continue to attract buyers.  

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Texas Real Estate Deed Recording Fees and Estates Code Updates

Recent legislative changes in Texas, specifically Senate Bill 1612 and amendments to the Estates Code, have brought significant adjustments that impact real estate deeds and the probate process. These changes are essential for professionals in real estate, law, and estate planning to understand and incorporate into their practice.

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Texas Warranty Deed Forgery Plot Thickens

More Houston-area deed fraud victims are speaking out. The alleged perpetrator has already been charged with a first-degree felony of forgery, fraudulent document execution, and theft greater than $300,000, in connection with warranty deeds worth some $15 million.

He would forge property owners’ signatures. Then he’d go buy their properties at a deep discount. Investigators say he tried to steal his own dad’s house. Yep.

He was arrested, let go on his personal recognizance, and told to reappear at his arraignment. He was a no-show. And that means Timothy W. is a wanted man again. What’s more, additional people have since stepped up, saying they believe the same person tried to take their homes away, too.

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Swindlers Beware: Texas Makes Its Move to Head Off “Dirty Deeds”

They call it the dirty deeds law. Recorders of Texas deeds may, as of July 2023, card people who show up to file home deed transfers.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, a swindler sold an ill-gotten deed to the Zillow® real estate company.

Texas is lowering the boom. The state will now have its deed recorders verify the bona fides of strangers bearing documents.

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Texas AG Investigates Home Title Lock

Do Anti-Fraud Companies Overhype Deed Theft?

The latest cyberthreat is home equity theft, warns the Home Title Lock company. “Are you already a victim?”

The company warns potential customers to “lock” their deeds, or they could be left homeless and mired in credit problems.

Now, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has launched an investigation into Home Title Lock’s advertising.

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News From Texas

Untangling Titles in Dallas; Texas Eviction Moratorium Extended

Texas Flag, outside blowing in the wind.

Stories abound about people in southern states facing denials of disaster assistance because they can’t prove clear title to their homes.

It’s hurricane season — and hurricanes are hard on Texas. When Texas residents lack the legal basis for insuring their homes, or to claim disaster assistance after storm damage, the harm is compounded. This season, through a pilot program started last year for Dallas residents, legal service providers are stepping in to help. They’ve started a new legal support system to clear titles: Title and Property Assistance, or TAPA.

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Probate Creditors’ Rights Under Texas Law

Probate Creditors' Rights Under Texas Law

Paying off the decedent’s debts is one of the primary duties of an estate’s executor or administrator. Failing to do this can lead to personal liability on the executor or administrator’s part. The estate’s creditors have rights under Texas probate law, but all are time-sensitive. If estate assets are limited, whether the creditor receives reimbursement depends on the nature of the debt.

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