MyDec to be Required for All Cook County Illinois Real Estate Conveyances

Effective January 21, 2019, prior to recording, all Cook County property conveyance instruments must be accompanied by an electronically-completed Cook County Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration, aka, a “MyDec,” which can be completed via the Illinois Department of Revenue’s MyDec Transfer Tax Portal – The requirement to use MyDec is already in effect for all property transfers in the City of Chicago, and is being extended to all property in Cook County, including “exempt” and “non-exempt” transfers. This requirement does not alter any local municipal requirements for transferring property, and must be fulfilled, even if the instrument is accompanied by a Grantor/Grantee Affidavit.

Additionally, CCRD will have full-service capability for MyDec in all offices, including the ability to sell and print MyDec revenue stamps in our three Satellite Offices.

The applicability and rules governing Cook County’s Real Estate Transfer Tax can be found in the County Code, Article III. Please note that this Tax is assessed by Cook County, not the Recorder of Deeds, which acts as a collection authority on behalf of the County. Section 74-107 empowers the Recorder of Deeds to control the declaration form and information reported.

Customers are encouraged to have their MyDec Transfer Declarations completed in advance, before attempting to record a deed. The Office of the Recorder of Deeds will make computer terminals available for the completion of this declaration form, but is prohibited from assisting in the preparation of declarations. The electronic declaration form may be completed using any computer that can connect to the Internet. It is not required to print the form, however, the customer must bring the MyDec “Declaration ID.”

More information about MyDec can be found at: