Here Come the Tenants in Common

Image of a hazy skyline in California, story about tenancy in common real estate

Making L.A. Affordable

A form of co-ownership called the tenancy in common is picking up steam in California cities — most recently, in Los Angeles, where a company named B&A Group LLC is overhauling single-home properties so they become multi-unit townhomes.

Each buyer receives a share of ownership in a townhome, with the exclusive rights over one section of the building. The co-owners pay monthly dues to a homeowners’ association to cover maintenance costs.

A set of new California “upzoning” laws has made this model possible in more areas, so we’re expecting the trend to take off. What’s to like — and what’s not to like — about the tenants in common model?

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Owning Property in Unequal Shares, as Tenants in Common

Image of two people sitting at a table outside discussing being tenants in common owners of real estate.

A tenancy in common is a popular way for co-owners to take title to a home. This way of vesting offers an alternative to joint tenancy, in which a home is co-owned, but the owners split their interest evenly. Here, we talk about what a tenancy in common is, and why its allowance for co-owning in unequal shares can be a benefit.

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