Charitable Donations of Real Estate

A charitable bequest involves giving part or all of a deceased person’s assets to one or more designated charities, by using specific instructions in a will. Technically, bequests relate to personal property and devises relate to real property, but “bequest” is often used as an umbrella term for both. Many people donate money and other valuables to charity over the course of their lives. Others consider charitable contributions, but never find the right time to give. Regardless of a person’s lifetime philanthropic history, the decision to include donations of land, buildings, and/or easements as part of an overall estate plan offers a viable way to leave a legacy.

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Zombie Titles and Foreclosures in Real Estate

The housing bust and foreclosure crisis in America has left many homeowners facing some serious financial and housing issues, but it has also introduced another scary situation for homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages: Zombie Titles. It might sound playful, but it is a serious situation that brings about hefty legal and financial consequences for delinquent homeowners. Further, vacant property is subject to vandalism and degradation, which can affect an entire neighborhood.

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