What is the Chain of Title in Real Estate?

Image of a stack of papers with the question what is the chain of title in real estate.

In real estate, the chain of title is the history of the property’s ownership. When a property is sold, the title is transferred, and these transfers form the chain. Researching the chain of title is among the tasks performed by a title company when a buyer signs a contract to purchase a property. The chain of title for any property is found in the relevant county recorder’s office, and there’s no reason you can’t conduct your own search to determine the chain of title. All the information is in the public record. Keep in mind that state laws governing the recording of real estate transfers differ, so the chain of title process in one state may differ somewhat from the chain of title process in another.

Chain of Title Documents

Formal documents maintain the chain of title. The chain ends with the most recent document affecting the property. Types of documents included are:

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