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Real Estate Title Search

What is a title search?
In reference to real estate, a title search is a process that is performed primarily to determine the answers to three questions:
  • Does the seller or grantor have an interest in the property being transferred?
  • Are there any restrictions pertaining to the use of the land (real covenants, easements, or other servitudes)?
  • Is the property encumbered (mortgages, back taxes, mechanic's liens, or other assessments)?
Anyone can do a title search. Recorded documents concerning conveyances of land are a matter of public record. These documents are maintained in hard copy format or are sometimes scanned into image files with the recorder or register of deeds in the jurisdiction where the subject property is located. The process of performing a title search involves accessing the official land records for the subject property. Each record is a document evidencing an event that occurred in the history of the property, and when combined, the records create a chain of title for a specific piece property.
Who should get a title search?
Anyone who receives real estate, whether it is a purchase or a gift, should complete a title search on the property. When purchasing real estate, a title search protects the buyer's interests - it verifies that the seller actually owns the property and shows that the seller's statements about the quality of the title and encumbrances on the property are true. Anyone receiving real estate as a gift will also find that a title search is in their best interests. Real estate can carry issues with it that may turn a gift into a nightmare.

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