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Formed in 1997 with the goal of creating digital real estate deed forms that are compliant with recording requirements in every jurisdiction across the United States. We have since grown into the premier online resource for all things real estate deed related. Forms, title search, e-recording, deed retrieval, and information all in one place-

In 2010 DEEDS.COM, INC consolidated their online presence by purchasing the domain As a one stop destination for all things related to real estate deeds, quickly became known for the quality of its digital forms. Every day new forms are added to the site and made available for purchase and download.

In 2012, through a partnership with a national title research provider, began offering a title research service to our users. This service gives visitors to the ability to have the title history of their property researched and have title documents delivered to them digitally.

In 2013 we began offering e-recording to our customers. This service has been especially exciting for us as we believe that the future of recording documents is going to be digital. Most states and local jurisdictions currently accept digital documents for recording. Digital recording has simplified the recording process for all parties involved in the transaction.

2016- Added a resource directory with the goal of connecting our users to real estate attorneys and notaries to help with real estate deed preparation and execution.

2020- During a global pandemic worked with recorder offices across the country and dedicated resources to assist property owners in getting documents recorded in these unprecedented times. currently services customers online in every state and local jurisdiction in the United States.

Trees- We Care About Them.

Something not many think about when it comes to real estate is the impact on our forests. Over the course of our lifelime we consume a lot of trees for our real estate. Not only in the building of houses, but also with everything that goes in them and the documents we use. Consider planting a tree or two, we do.

Reduce your inpact on the forest by donating to the Arbor Day Foundation Real Estate Deeds

Nothing on this website should be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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