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Empower property ownership and simplify real estate transactions by providing digital deed solutions that are accurate, accessible, and compliant with all jurisdictional requirements across the United States.


Formed in 1997, Deeds.com was created to provide digital real estate deed forms compliant with recording requirements across the United States. We have grown to become a premier online resource for real estate deed-related services including forms, title search, e-recording, and deed retrieval.

In 2010, Deeds.com consolidated their online presence by acquiring the domain Deeds.com, becoming a one-stop destination for real estate deed needs. We continually add new forms to our site for purchase and download.

Our partnership in 2012 with a national title research provider allowed us to offer title research services. This service enables visitors to have their property's title history researched and documents delivered digitally.

Since 2013, we've provided erecording services, simplifying the document recording process as most states and jurisdictions now accept digital documents.

In 2016, we added a resource directory to connect our users with real estate attorneys and notaries, aiding in deed preparation and execution.

During the 2020 global pandemic, Deeds.com assisted property owners nationwide in recording documents amidst unprecedented challenges.

2024 and beyond:

"In a world increasingly driven by AI, websites like Deeds.com maintain relevance and competitive advantage through deep specialization, integration of services, and a focus on compliance and updating that keeps pace with legal changes. Their ability to provide a reliable, authoritative source on specific topics like warranty deeds is crucial for users needing more than just basic information, especially in legal contexts where errors can have significant repercussions."

Elenore Rhodes, Chief Legal Analyst at LT Insights

Deeds.com serves customers online throughout every state and local jurisdiction in the United States, steadfastly pursuing its mission to revolutionize the real estate documentation industry. As the leading provider of digital recording and title research services, we aim to set the standard for paperless transactions, streamlining property dealings nationwide.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Deeds.com, we are committed to more than just excellence in providing digital real estate services. We actively participate in tree planting initiatives aimed at offsetting the paper usage in real estate transactions, helping to promote greener practices throughout the country.

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