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Below you will find general reviews of our website and services. Reviews for specific deed forms and areas can be found on the the deed form's page.

Leland House said:
Your service was straightforward and accessible, even for an older guy with just basic internet skills. I think the forms and the instructions provided are all I need. It will save me trying to get a Title Company involved. My proposed transaction is relatively small and does not involve a real estate agent to shepherd the paperwork.

T.J.S. said:
Easy as could be expected and all went well at Auditor and Recorders offices.

Ann said:
It was easy and straight forward!

nick said:
Bought the Ladybird deed so I could transfer on death my 2 houses , one to my friend and the other to my daughter. The forms worked great. Went to Oakland Co Michigan Register of Deeds. Did the deeds at home. The Oakland County Register of Deeds notarized it for free. The two pages to register were $17 for page one, and $3 for page two. Had to do a tax certification for $5 each house and that's it. Don't have to deal with attorneys fees, waiting for them to do it. Wish they had other forms in all areas of law.

Magda Manigque said:
Exactly what I needed. Example and guidelines very helpful.

Nick Aquilina said:
So far all is great. Easy to follow, easy to do.Of course now we shall see if it all works out and the transaction is completed.

Jeff Hamilton said:
Really great information about real estate deeds. Had a lot of questions before coming here, all answered, all of them, really surprised me to be honest.

M. H. said:
The quit claim deeds were easy to fill out and had no problem recording them in TN.

Lee Miller said:
I used the site to complete a Beneficiary Deed. It is very User Friendly and I was able to complete form in a short time. Price is reasonable. Thank you for making this web site available.

ruby r. said:
erecording was a no hassle kind of deal. could have saved some money by going into the office my self but life's too short. great turn around time, had my recorded deed back in about 10 minutes.

Katheryn Tyler said:
To be honest I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it turned out to be for me to create the quitclaim deed I needed. The form was simple enough but the guide and example really solidified in my mind that everything was perfect, and it was. Thanks.

Gene Brewer said:
Overall I like the site. It was a bit hard to navigate but I was able to eventually order and download the forms I needed to prepare my deed. The forms were manageable, not great but not bad. Honestly though I'm not sure what would make a legal form great, there's nothing really to get excited about.

Betty said:
Fast!! I needed this deed recorded as soon as possible and after I uploaded it I received an email that it was done!! Thank you.

Gail M said:
Amazing! The transfer on death deed was simple to fill out, because of all the supporting instructions and example. The updated state and county form was accepted by our County Clerk without question. We saved $150 -$250 by being able to prepare the document ourselves. Notary was free. I highly recommend this site.

Daphne McMillan said:
Forms provided within a minute or so of payment being made. Excellent service and I plan to use again, probably today. Thank you

Tony H. said:
Really great service. Used the e-recording for my quitclaim deed. They caught an issue (I forgot to include something on the deed) before submitting and gave me a chance to fix it. Once I corrected the deed it only took about 10 minutes and I had my recorded deed back. That's pretty awesome considering that I've been to the records office in person before and spent over 45 minutes in line. Can't say enough good things about this site, highly recommend them.

Marion Cooke said:
Recorded my deed here, was a wonderful experience! Thanks for the great service. Marion

Tom Crane said:
Perfect site forms instructions service all perfect thanks.

Jeanette Talley said:
Great site, loved how easy the forms were.

Olivia Hebert said:
Used this site to help me prepare and record my quitclaim deed. Made everything very easy. Got the forms, completed them, had them notarized, and then erecorded it, got a mobil notary so I never even had to leave the house! Great stuff!

Jerry said:
I don't normally leave reviews but I felt a bit of an obligation to leave a note for I didn't buy any forms from the site, I didn't need any, I was only here for information. The information provided here about real estate deeds is the most helpful I have ever seen and the fact that it is made available for free is the reason I decided to leave my feedback. Great resource, thank you for making it available.

JOHN G. said:
Forms were very good.
Due to out of state situation and Probate issues,I went with help in that state to complete the transation.

Sofia Glass said:
As a real estate agent, it is nice to have a resource like to refer my clients to when they need information about deeds. Glad for everything you guys do, keep up the good work!

Deanne Bowen said:
Thanks so much for all the information you provide here. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by this whole situation and the information here gave me a nice solid base to work from. Thanks again, Deanne

Natalie O. said:
Very helpful website. Was able to create my deed without any issues.

Chelsea Wolfe said:
Great forms and info. This site is a must for anyone dealing with a real estate deed.

Winifred said:
The wealth of information on is unmatched, you can tell they are really dedicated to real estate deeds. From start to finish they had everything I needed. They saved me a ton of time and money, makes me a happy lady!

Christopher Leach said:
Purchased my deed forms from this site, they were very easy to complete. Could not believe how convenient the erecording was, everything from start to finish (with the exception of the notary) done right from my computer.

Sharon R. said:
Thanks for all your help with my deed.

Trevino said:
Talk about perfect from a to z, this site has it all and we could not find any flaws with anything. The forms were perfect for what we needed. Used the recording service, awesome! Very happy, thanks!!

tania morse said:
got the forms i ordered, filled them out fairly easy. e-recorded through this site. went very smooth. i'd come back if i ever needed to.

Abe Lincoln said:
10 out of 10
A+! Searched many sites to get the deed needed. Actually purchased a more expensive one from another site "well reviewed", that was garbage. What I received at was well worth the charge. It came with instructions and examples to follow. Awesome!!! I would recommend to anyone.

Adam Robbins said:
Overall everything went well, very happy with the site, the forms, and the service.

Linda Kelly said:
This worked out so much better than trying to download from the county website. Very satisfied with the directions received with the forms, easy to complete, and I would recommend to others who need assistance in this area.

Marianne Gilmore said:
Very happy with and the forms I received. I was amazed at how easy things went, glad I found them.

T. Compton said:
I'm a big fan of, they always have the info I need, not sure what I'd do without these folks. I work in the title industry and there's not many days that go without me having to research something deed related here.

Patrica Allen said:
Top notch information here.

Gale said:
E-recording: great service, took about 30 minutes to get my recorded deed back, would have spent twice that time standing in line not to mention the drive!

Tina B. said:
What a great resource this site is. We handled our entire transfer to our kids trust right on this site, from start to finish, the forms, the info, and the recording. Everything was perfect.

Becky Tyler said:
Best all around deed related site out there. Basically any information you could possibly need about real estate deeds is available on this site. And the information is available no matter where in the U.S. your property is. I really like the forum also, great way to get specific questions answered.

Mitch said:
Used the warrenty deed form. Easy to complete based on the provided instructions. Notarizing was not a problem. Submitting to the records office was easy. Very impressed saved about $130

Shanna Mccall said:
Used the e-recording service, it was awesome! Being in real estate I've been through my share of recordings. This was the first time I've ever e-recorded a document and wow, just wow! They recorded my docs and had them back to me in about a half hour, would have taken me longer to drive to the recorder's office.

Kathy Pahs-Rhodes said:
I needed a Lauderdale County Alabama deed to transfer land into our trust. A local Lauderdale County attorney wanted to charge $265.00 for deed prep. and recording. I was able to do the same for under $70.00 total. I was impressed with the ease of doing this myself and was glad that they also had a link to the county site to obtain an additional form needed to verify land value for tax purposes. I give this site a 10 out of 10.

Fred Austin said:
Really love this site, you guys do a great job compiling all the information I or my clients could even need about deeds. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Kelly K. said:
I work for a title company and use almost daily. It's an incredible resource for me and my team. The information they make available makes our lives so much easier, especially the recorders information on a national level, great to have all that info in one place. On the rare occasion when we find incorrect info they seem to get it fixed within minutes.

Cecilia Hickman said:
Fantastic service! Used the recording service to have my quitclaim deed recorded. Customer service was very helpful. Had my recorded deed back to me in about 15 minutes after I submitted it to them.

I highly recommend

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Real Estate Deed Form Reviews
Every do it yourself form customer has the opportunity to evaluate and review the form blanks they purchase. Below are the most recent reviews of our forms by customers who have used them.

Linda Queening Said: Very simple to follow instructions.
10 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenants New York

Gary Neill Said: Worked just fine although nothing deserves a 10! Very pleased with the result
9 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Transfer on Death Affidavit Kansas

Charlene Juarez Said: In just a few seconds I was able to download the real estate deed I needed for my property!
9 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Easement Deed South Dakota

mark olthoff Said: It was exactly what I was looking for - Thanks
10 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Release of Notice of Lien by Surety Bond Nevada

Joshua M. Said: No Comment Left
9 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Transfer on Death Deed by Married Sole Owner Minnesota

Rich Wagoner Said: Very good forms couldnt find the special warranty forms anywhere but here.
9 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Grant Deed Virginia

10 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Disclaimer of Interest Florida

Bruce Vogel Said: Clean easy to use and worth the low cost.
10 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Trustee Certificate New Hampshire

Jack Ingber Said: When it comes to notorizing the form the assumption is that the Grantor is a resident of New Jersey. For a Grantor living in another state there is no way to change the form. Otherwise it was OK.
8 out of 10 on 01/18/17 Warranty Deed Montana

Megan Siercks Said: form was helpful so far no problems. Items were clear. seems borderline expensive for what it is but it did make things easier.
8 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Grant Deed Mississippi

Marcia H. Duffey Said: Very fast.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Trustee Deed Wisconsin

James C. Walter Sr. Said: No Comment Left
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Warranty Deed Maine

Patti Wasserman Said: Very easy and well explained as to how to fill it out.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Certificate of Trust California

Linda Epler Said: Excellent!
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Certificate of Trust Arizona

Horacio Schwalm Said: You guys saved me about $300. I followed the example and the instructions provided and the deed office accepted the claim on the first try. Well done.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Disclaimer of Interest Georgia

mark Blackwell Said: thanks 2nd one i have used went well the 1st time with no problems getting it recorded. easy to use form
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Warranty Deed New Mexico

J. Cole Said: For comes in fillable PDF format so its compatible with all computers and operating systems. Easy to use and only took a few minutes to complete. On the downside you will be unable to edit the form and there are no instructions on who is legally required to sign the document (Grantor Grantee Witness Notary all the above etc) or where to send the document after completion.
9 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Grant Deed Iowa

Janice Said: Really easy downloading the forms the directions everything was really easy thanks!
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Bargain and Sale Deed Washington

Donna Lee Evans Said: The form was easy to use and worked perfectly. All signed and recorded and I have a copy in case I made errors. The Best!
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant Kentucky

Daniel Boehnk Said: Amazingly simple and fast. A great service.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Trustee Deed without Warranty Indiana

Bobbie Stanley Said: No Comment Left
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed California

Rodney Hicks Said: Easy process to order...
9 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Easement Deed Ohio

Michael L. Hanson Said: Good service. I filed the new deed with the county at a reasonable price your fee plus the recording fee. Thank you. MLH
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Warranty Deed Hawaii

Banjo Picker Said: Great forms! thanks so much for all of your help.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Disclaimer of Interest West Virginia

Vickie McKee Said: The website was customer friendly now if only the processing of it will be the same
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Transfer on Death Deed Texas

Andrea Aston Said: No Comment Left
7 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Enhanced Life Estate Deed Quit Claim Ladybird Deed Florida

Palm Beach County FL customer Said: High ranking for ease of use and easy to follow directions. Works like a breeze and encountered no problem with the county recording department.
9 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Disclaimer of Interest Nebraska

SK Said: The process was easy and the forms were easy to follow. I personally would have liked to see the forms formatted a little more professionally especially a header.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Trustee Deed Oregon

Ken Patton Said: My friend told me to visit this site when I needed to fill out a real estate deed for my property. However I was scared because I did not know how to fill out a legal form on my own. Upon visiting the site I discovered that it was actually something I could accomplish with the materials provided! Thanks so much!
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Grant Deed Rhode Island

Ora Acevedo Said: good forms thanks Ora
8 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Certificate of Trust Kansas

Kristine Russo Said: No Comment Left
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Easement Deed North Carolina

Tony Pierce Said: Difficult to specify that a Grantor is also a Grantee in the signature block.
9 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Warranty Deed Georgia

betty anne Said: was happy with everything will be back for sure.
10 out of 10 on 01/17/17 Special Warranty Deed Rhode Island

YW Said: Very good
9 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Transfer on Death Affidavit North Dakota

Tatsiana Seibel Said: Pretty Easy and Great for Quit Claim Deed
10 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Special Warranty Deed Kansas

Susan Curtis Said: Easy to use.
10 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Correction Deed New Hampshire

SK Said: The process was easy and the forms were easy to follow. I personally would have liked to see the forms formatted a little more professionally especially a header.
10 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Trustee Deed Texas

Daisy Bowen Said: Whole lota good! Very happy with how easy it was to order download and complete the forms. Thanks for asking!
9 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Grant Deed Oklahoma

Brian Hampton Said: worked well happy with the whole process.
9 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Special Warranty Deed Connecticut

Alexis Paner Said: The forms and everything that went with the order is really great. I do have questions. In the are of For valuable consideration
9 out of 10 on 01/16/17 Beneficiary Deed Montana