Frequently Asked Questions and Other Information

Which form do I use to...?

We do not give legal advice. Yes, that is asking for legal advice.

How long does it take to get my forms/title search/erecording?

Forms are available for download in your account immediately after purchase in your account. Title search/deed retrieval/erecording orders are processed in the order they are received. High volume and after normal business hours wait time will be longer. Writing in to ask how long is not an efficient use of our time or yours.

My legal description does not fit in the blank provided on the form, how do I add more space?

There is no more space available on our forms. All available space is used to meet content and formatting requirements. If you have information that does not fit you will need to use an exhibit page.

Can you mail me the forms/copy of my deed?

No, we only offer digital documents.

Please Note

We DO NOT give legal advice. We WILL NOT answer any questions about any legal situations. None of the information contained on this website or in a response to your communication should be considered legal advice.

Talk to a Legal Professional

You should always seek the advice of a legal professional in all legal matters that you do not completely understand.

Check Your Spam Folder

We respond to all messages via email. Be sure to check your spam folder.


You are NOT on the recorder's website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.