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Illinois - Will County Quit Claim Deed Form

Deed Form Available For Download All Will County specific forms listed below are included in your immediate download:

Will County Quit Claim Deed Form Page 1
Quit Claim Deed Form - Will County
Fill in the blank form formatted to comply with all recording and content requirements.
Included | Document last updated 9/21/2017

Will County Quit Claim Deed Guide Page 1
Quit Claim Deed Guide - Will County
Line by line guide explaining every blank on the form.
Included | Document last updated 9/18/2017

Will County Completed Example of the Quit Claim Deed Document Page 1
Completed Example of the Quit Claim Deed Document - Will County
Example of a properly completed form for reference.
Included | Document last updated 9/18/2017

Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration
Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration *
Included supplemental form
This is a required form, unless an exemption is claimed. It includes a list of exemptions and line by line instructions. For non-recorded transfers use the PTAX 203-NR form. Add supplemental form A if the sale price is over 1 Million, and supplemental form B only for transfer of a beneficial interest.

Real Estate Transfer Tax Payment Form for Non Recorded Documents
Real Estate Transfer Tax Payment Form for Non Recorded Documents *
Included supplemental form
If transfer tax is owed and the deed will not be recorded, use this form.

Notarial Record Form
Notarial Record Form *
Included supplemental form
This form is generally required, but certain transactions are exempt. A list of exempt conveyances can be found on page 1 of this document.

Plat Act Affidavit
Plat Act Affidavit *
Included supplemental form
The Illinois Plat Act (765 ILCS 205) regulates the division of land. Whenever owners of land subdivide it into two or more parts, any of which is less than five acres, they must have it surveyed and a subdivision plat of it made by the Illinois Registered Land Surveyor (765 ILCS 205/1(a)), unless any of the exceptions in the affidavit apply (765 ILCS 205/1(b)). If a plat is made by an Illinois Registered Surveyor of any parcel of land otherwise exempt from the plat provisions of this Act as indicated below, such plat shall be recorded (765 ILCS 205/1(c)). When a property is divided into parcels so that it cannot be described without describing it by metes and bounds, it is the duty of the owner to have the land surveyed and platted into lots. The platting shall be in accord with the Plat Act. The plat shall be certified and recorded (35 ILCS 200/9-55). The affiant is usually the grantor or the grantor’s authorized representative in a deed transferring interest in the real estate described in the accompanying deed. In the counties that require submission of the affidavit with every deed, option A on the form allows grantors to indicate that no division of land is taking place. If the land is being divided into lots, option B lists the statutory exemptions (# 1 through 10), as well as giving the option to enter county-specific exemptions that may apply (#11). For some of the exemptions on the list county (or municipal) approval may be required. If none of the exemptions apply, use option C, accompanied by the required survey and subdivision plat and information about the surveyor involved. Page 2 of the form only when approval is needed. Depending on the location of the property, this may involve submitting the division and subdivision plat to officials in the municipality for review.

Notary Certificates
Notary Certificates *
Included supplemental form
The supplemental forms in this section can be used as loose certificates by Illinois notaries.

*Supplemental forms (forms other than the actual deed form) are made available as a courtesy with your order. Supplemental forms come directly from the state or local jurisdiction that requires them, we offer no support for the supplemental forms, we did not make them.
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  • How long does it take to get my forms?
    • Forms are available immediately after submitting payment.
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  • Are these forms guaranteed to be recordable in Will County?
    • Yes. Our form blanks are guaranteed to meet and exceed all formatting requirements set forth by Will County including margin requirements, content requirements, font and font size requirements.
  • Do I have to enter all of my property information online?
    • No. The blank forms are downloaded to your computer and you fill them out there, at your convenience.
  • Can I save the completed form, email it to someone?
    • Yes, you can save your deed form at any point with your information in it. The forms can also be emailed, blank or complete, as attachments.
  • What is included in the download?
    • A fill in the blank form used to create your Quit Claim Deed.
    • A guide that explains every blank on the Quit Claim Deed Form.
    • A completed example of the Quit Claim Deed to give you an idea of what a properly completed document looks like.
    • All supplemental forms that may be required by Will County when recording your document.
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What is the Illinois Quit Claim Deed?

Quitclaim Deed Form Requirements for Illinois

765 ILCS 5/10 contains the basic statutory form and requirements for a quitclaim deed. In order to be valid, the quitclaim deed must contain the grantor’s name and address, the grantee’s name and address (55 ILCS 5/3-5020, 5026), the consideration (usually money), a complete legal description of the property, the county where the property is located, the date the deed was executed, and the grantor’s notarized signature. 55 ILCS 5/3-5020.5 adds a few more essential details: a return address for use after recordation, and the document and book/page numbers from prior deeds relating to the specific parcel of real estate. 55 ILCS 5/3-5022 expands the necessary information to include a "prepared by" statement containing the name and address of the individual who prepared the quit claim deed. 55 ILCS 5/3-5027 states that in addition to the complete property description, the instrument must also contain the assessor’s section or lot and block identifiers, and real estate index ID if available. Further, 765 ILCS 5/27 provides that if the quit claim deed is conveying a property identified as a homestead, both the grantor and his/her spouse must sign, regardless of whether or not the spouse holds title to the land. If the grantor is married and the real estate is not a homestead, include a comment to that effect.

55 ILCS 5/3-5018, 765 ILCS 5/10, 5/28 outline the recording requirements for a quit claim deed.
• For each signature, the signor’s name must be typed or printed below the signatures.
• The top right of the first page should have a blank space measuring 3½” x 5” for the recorder’s use. All other margins, including other pages, should be ½” all around.
• All documents conveying an interest in real property must be in writing, in permanent black ink, and on white paper (minimum 20lb. weight.)
• Print the quit claim deed on individual sheets of business-sized (8½” x 11”) paper that is not stapled or otherwise permanently bound.
• Do not staple, clip, tape, or attach any information to the pages.
• To record the deed properly, submit it to the recorder for the county where the land is situated.

Illinois follows a "notice" recording statute, as defined in 765 ILCS 5/30-31. All correctly executed deeds are in force from and after the time of filing for recordation. Until the documents are entered into the public record, there is no formal notice of the change in ownership. This means that if the grantor conveys the land to one grantee and the quit claim deed is not recorded, and the grantor later conveys the same land to a different grantee and that deed is recorded, the earlier grantee loses rights to the property. In short, recording the deed as soon as possible after executing it is the best way to protect the interests of all involved parties.

Areas covered by these Quit Claim Deed Forms:
  • Will County
  • Beecher
  • Bolingbrook
  • Braidwood
  • Channahon
  • Crest Hill
  • Crete
  • Elwood
  • Frankfort
  • Homer Glen
  • Joliet
  • Lockport
  • Manhattan
  • Mokena
  • Monee
  • Naperville
  • New Lenox
  • Peotone
  • Plainfield
  • Romeoville
  • Shorewood
  • Wilmington
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