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Wisconsin Contractor Notice of Intent to File Lien

Pre-Lien Notices in Wisconsin

Preliminary notices are an important step to securing a mechanic's lien and are often required to ensure the property owner has notice of who is working on his or her property so there is a chance to avoid a lien. Most states mandate the form of notice that must be provided. In Wisconsin, prime contractors are required to serve a notice of intent to file a construction lien

In Wisconsin, a claimant cannot claim a lien right or maintain an action to enforce a lien right, unless the lien claimant serves written notice on the owner of an intent to file a lien claim at least 30 days before timely filing the lien claim. Wis. Stat. 779.06(2). The notice is required whether or not the claimant has been required to and has given a previous notice of furnishing. Id. The notice must briefly describe the nature of the claim, the amount due and the land and improvement to which it relates. Id.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the advice from a legal professional. Please contact an attorney with questions about sending a notice of intent to file a lien, or for any other issues related to liens in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Contractor Notice of Intent to File Lien Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday July 26, 2019

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Wisconsin Contractor Notice of Intent to File Lien Form