What is a Real Estate Deed?

A deed is a legal instrument (document), almost always in writing, that passes an interest in real estate from one person to another person. Other frequently asked questions about real estate deeds.
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What is a quit claim deed? Everything you ever needed to know about quitclaim deeds in one place.
E-Recording real estate deeds
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E-Recording, or electronic document recording, is the process of transmitting real property documents electronically to the local government entity charged with recording and maintaining public records. The process is similar to traditional recording methods except that documents are submitted within minutes without ever leaving your house or office, and recorded documents are returned electronically immediately after recording.
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Find your recorder
A recorder, sometimes called the registrar of deeds or clerk of courts, is a government official responsible for maintaining public records and documents, especially records relating to real estate ownership such as real estate deeds and mortgages. Find your local recorder.
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Real Estate Deed Fraud
Deed fraud happens everyday, learn how to protect yourself and your property. Information about real estate deed fraud and how recording officials, notaries, and property owners can fight it.
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Real Estate Deed Information
Real Estate Deed Information

Giving Up Ownership of Real Estate When You're Still on the Mortgage
It's every homeowner's nightmare scenario: you get a phone call from a mortgage company, telling you your home is in foreclosure and that you must pay now or face an avalanche of debt and legal actions. But you signed the house over to someone else m...

Why Aren’t There Trustee’s Deeds in New York?
Trustee’s deeds are used to convey property under a deed of trust in non-judicial foreclosures. However, New York repealed its non-judicial foreclosure laws in 2009 and became a mortgage-only state [1]. New York’s foreclosure process now must go ...

Trustee Deed Used for Non Judicial Texas Foreclosures
Non-judicial foreclosures in Texas are governed by Chapter 51 of the Texas Property Code, which outlines the foreclosure process for residential property, or the property used by borrowers as their principal residence [1]. Foreclosures of non-residen...

Transfer on Death Deeds for California Real Estate
As of January 1, 2016, owners of residential real property in California have access to a new estate planning tool: the Simple Revocable Transfer on Death Deed (TODD). Find the law in the California Probate Code, starting at section 5600. These in...

How to Obtain a Copy of a Real Estate Deed
With the exception of a birth certificate, a real estate deed may be the most important document in your possession because it is the only thing that can prove that you own your home. Locating the original deed is also important before purchasing lan...

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Real Estate Deed History
In the United States, land ownership began with land grants from England that formed the basis for the 13 original colonies. After the American Revolutionary War, new federal government owned the land in the 13 colonies. Learn More
History of real estate deeds in the united states